[Submission for GoGodotJam2]

An infinite puzzle game where the goal is to create a large enough cluster of particles before the time is over!

Remember from your physics class: Electrons (blue) can join with protons (red), but electrons with electrons or protons with protons will repel themselves! Neutrons (yellow) can't be moved or joined with since they have no charge.


WASD or Directional arrows to move (hold to move faster)

Space to drop the current cluster in place and spawn a new electron


1000 * level + 20 x time left per level

gotm.io link: https://gotm.io/truedev/recharge


Coding by true - https://truedev.itch.io/ 

Graphics by soybaby - https://soybaby.com/ 

Music/SFX by Dieck - https://soundcloud.com/julio-reyes-dieck/sets/film-and-videogame-music

Development log


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I liked it, it took a me a second to figure out the goal, I think we were in the same vein but totally different love it.

thanks! we've just updated it and it should be clearer now!

Really enjoyed it! Got only to level 3 though :D Nice puzzle game, actually a challenge.

thanks! glad you enjoyed it, if you want to do a new playthrough the latest version should be better.